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Close House Team Tileist Golf Day


Thanks a look much Team Titleist! Not only was the invitational day at Close House spectacular I have now received my new Titleist Players 5 Golf Bag for being on the winning team!!!! The day was awesome and even though it was a few weeks ago the care from Titleist continues!!! Got home this morning to find the below! To say like a kid a Christmas would be close!!! Thanks Hannah, team captain, and the rest of the Team Titleist gang. Keep up the great work. See you again some time!! Mark

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8 Replies

  1. Hannah M., Team Titleist UK

    So glad you like it!! A good excuse to play more golf now!


  2. GHarris

    Thank you so much Captain Hannah and all at Team Titleist!! Mark my bag also arrived today I'm absolutely delighted. A repeat game at Mar Menor Golf Resort with our team is in order. Let me know when!!
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  3. jheath

    wow what a lovely bag great gift
  4. david s

    Lucky B!!!
  5. Gaaary

    Well Done, great looking bag.
    It was a great day at close house, we just about got away with the weather !
    Not jealous much
  6. mpinchin

    Absolutely Hannah! I actually played on Friday in a tournament. Was put on by a local coaching academy based in Horsham. Prize was a 3 night stay in Bom Sucesso, Portugal. You never guess what? I won! LOL! First outing for the bag and hey presto! It must all be in the bag!

    On another note I have to say the bag is awesome. It is practical, loads of pockets, light weight and the strap is the easiest double strap I've had. You can re adjust the level of the bag easily, with the bag still on as you walk down the fairway, no moving buckles around or fiddling with the straps etc. I am actually amazed!! We obviously can't get photos on here the right way round!!!

    Hey Gary! Glad you got yours as well! And yeh, I wish, to a game over there!!!! Hope you're well!

    Kind regards,

  7. Jonathan L

    Such a nice bag!! Pleased for you but slightly gutted our team missed out by a point or two! I'd have loved one of those.

    Can't wait for another opportunity to come around like the Close House day.
  8. colin b

    Bags are looking great

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