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Scotty Cameron Newport 2

David K

I recently purchased a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter. Normally, I would have had the Head Pro fit the putter to me. I took the putter off the rack at the club pro shop and practiced swinging it back and forth inside the shop. It had a really great feel to it. The Head Pro told me to go 'roll' some putts with it on the practice green. Wow, I could not believe how well the putts were struck. I did not have to adjust my stroke or anything to the putter. It was as if the putter was already fitted to my swing. I have used it for 3 rounds now and if the putts don't go into the hole on the first try, they get very close to 'tap in' range. I am holing more putts from inside 15 feet than ever before. I realize that there may be some other factors involved in my improvement, but this has boosted my confidence level. This is my first Scotty Cameron putter and I love it.

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  1. Connor M

  2. Dale V

    Great! I felt the same way with my first Scotty over 20 years ago. Only changed three times since then and all are Scottys. Still have all four. Keep'm rolling!
  3. Barry B

    Sometimes we pull a Scotty off the rack and it just fits...perfect length, perfect balance and perfect feel!!!

    Congrats on your new Scotty!
  4. Rob V

    Congratulations. You are really going to enjoy your Scotty. I purchased a Scotty Futura 6M (LH) about six weeks ago. I can truly say, I have never owned a putter with the feel and quality of this putter. Sucha quality product.
  5. nate l

    Confidence in putting us a great thing!
  6. Timothy G

    I am wanting to buy my 1st Scotty and have it customized. But I don't know what is the best way to do that. Do i need to go buy one off the rack at a local golf store and then send it off to get it customized? I can't find how to purchase one through this site.
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  7. Timothy G

    O yea congrats David K!!! I too have fallen hard for the Newport 2. I got to get me one!
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  8. David K

    My suggestion would be to find out where the next location where Titleist will be doing club fittings and try that. If that is not an option, I would contact a club pro who can also fit the putter to you and have him/her special order it from Titleist. I am sure that the retail stores that sell clubs off the rack are good, but after being fitted with my new AP-1 irons recently and back in 2015 being fitted with a 915D3 driver, I am reluctant to purchase any clubs at a retail store. This is just my way of thinking now. Some retail stores do have good club fitters and would probably do a good fitting for you. I just got hooked up with a local country club (am not a member) and I have a trust in them.
  9. Timothy G

    Feeling excited!!! Got my new SC Newport 2 yesterday and headed straight to the course with it. Made my very first putt from 10ft out!!! Great 1st impression. Gonna head back out today.

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