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Olé Mexico


I'm heading south of the border in February to get some sun on this pasty New England body and play some G! I'm teeing it up at El Camaleón and staying at Mayakoba. The course looks great on TV, and I'm curious as to the practice facilities around there.

I'm debating on bringing my own sticks (I've traveled all over the country with my sticks, but never internationally) and wanted to know two things:

1. Anyone here ever played or been to Mayakoba? 2. Anyone ever brought their sticks to Mexico/Mayakoba?

I'm not worried about them getting damaged as much as I am them getting kidnapped. I'll game an old cover and carry on my range finder and valuables, but if there are not any good areas to practice, I might bite the bullet and rent as I'll only be playing 2 rounds tops. I will have time in the mornings to get out and practice a bit, but if the facilities aren't great, I doubt I'll spend too much time on the range.

I'd appreciate any advice besides don't drink the water.


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  1. Dale V

    Sounds great! Have a blast! last year i played Quivira in Cabo while there on a cruise. I played with their rentals and it was a mistake. I will always play my own sticks from now on, especially when playing a nice and expensive course. If you are concerned about them getting lifted between the airport and hotel, maybe do ShipSticks directly to and from the resort.
  2. Speedy

    Just bring back some warm weather.. Make sure you come back with a handsome tan as well....

    In regards to golf, I would bring your own.. I've rented a few times and it stinks especially when ya paying good money to play... So i'm with Dale on that one.. And try ShipSticks to be safe?

    Have a great trip and be safe!
  3. Barry S

    I played Mayakoba about 6 years ago( 3 rounds). It was a beautifullly maintained course as they were preparing it for a PGA event the following month. They have a really nice range on site, and I agree with the others, bring your own clubs . Rental sets are pretty beaten up as the people who rent them, don't really care about taking care of them. Balls are expensive so bring extra. My only advice about the course, is to club up about 2-3 clubs on the 7th hole par 3. Wind is always in your face. Only 110yds from the blues, but plays around 145-150 when blowing.
    You'll have a good time.
  4. mj

    I played El Tigre in Nuevo Vallarta; i did bring my own clubs and glad i did. They did have Titleist AP-1, but they were pretty bagged up. Enjoy challenge of new courses.....just be careful and read warning regarding water hazards...some places warn of Crocs in water....lurking!!!

  5. Hotsauce

    Thanks for the replies guys,
    I'll plan to bring the sticks with me. I'll also watch out for Crocs... yikes!

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