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Kevin E

Albatross!! While traveling to see the Masters (1st time) for the Tuesday practice round, our foursome including myself, Jeff Myers, Glenn Whitaker and Eugene 'Po' Baldwin stopped to play at Belle Meade Country Club, in Thomson Georgia. As we played the 468 yard Par 5, 7th hole, I recorded the very rare score of an Albatross 2 with a 4 hybrid from 210 yards out using a Titleist ProV1x.

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  1. pulplvr

    Congratulations on your albatross! In over 60 years of playing, I've not got one of those. The closest I've come was about 1/4 inch, from around 190 with a 4 iron. Keep hoping that one of these days, I'll hit the right shot at the right time.
  2. Julianna O

    that is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!
  3. alex w

  4. Lance P

    Channeling my best Verne Lundquist, "Yes Sir"!
  5. Kevin E

    alex w


    Awesome..... Thanks Lance!
  6. Kevin E

    Thank you Julianna!
  7. Kevin E

    Thanks Pulplvr! Hope someday will come soon for you!
  8. Kevin E

    ALBATROSS INDEED! Thanks Alex!
  9. nate l

  10. Matt G

    Got my first Albatross today! I wasn't playing as well as I usually do on the course I was playing (Eagle Trace - Broomfield Co) but on Hole 16 my mood changed! I hit my drive 330 yards and I had 142 yards remaining. I hit my 50 degree Gap Wedge and landed it just left of the pin. I watched it trickle towards the hole and then it disappeared! BOOM!!! A 2 on a Par 5!! I still don't have a Hole in One but I'll take this for now!!!
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