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Planning a golf trip, need recommendation on who to book through



Thought I would ask TT for their recommendation on who to use for planning a golf trip.

Planning on flying out of Toronto and really want to go play at St. Andrews. Anyone have any advice on this?

Any would help, thanks

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  1. Chuck Z

    There are a lot of good planners out there and it is all about what you can afford and how many courses you want to play. I would type in St Andrews Golf thru you search engine on the old faithful computer and you will get a good selection to choose from. If you maintain a handicap check thru where you have maintain it. Sometimes handicap clubs have contacts. Some like to stay at the hotel at St Andrews and play in the area there, to include the Old Course. I have not been, I chose to go to Ireland.
  2. Chris B


  3. SEvans

    Hi St Andrews is an amazing course. One of the best I have played. Living in the U.K. Provides some amazing courses. I would recommend if your comeing from the states maybe do a road trip. As the belfry course is only about 3-4 hours drive away even less on a train. I would also say make sure it's the summer time as St Andrews is cold to play in the winter months. Hope this helps
  4. MB

    Thanks everyone!
  5. Eric Y


    Check out Carr Golf Travel, they are one of the top golf travel companies in the EU.
  6. MB

    Will do!

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