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Mysterious ball disappearance!

So I was playing early in the morning with my golf buddy at Forest City National in London. We were on the 13th, about 158yds from our tee deck. The wind was slightly in our...

Michael's Hole-In-One

First game of the year at the Victoria Valley Course, got my first hole-in-one on a par three, 143 yard hole using my six iron. Played with my Dad on Easter Friday. :)

Phil Hoffman Hole in One

At Glenview Country Club in The Villages Florida on April 3rd an ace was recorded on the 8th hole of Stirrup Cup. Phil hit a 154 yard shot using a prov1x and a 7 iron, one...

That's number 2!!

beautiful day with some great friends-pink Calloway in the holeski! Midlands 145 yards-nailed it! Then to the raptors game to watch them win n free pizza!

17 May 2017

Played our first military golf club tournament and made a hole in one on the 17th 160 yards. Won the closest to the pin....also won closest to the pin on the 6 hole.. What a...

second of the year

hello play at our local club 3 to 4 times a week myself and a few of my friends just joined the Grand Niagara golf club and on may 4th 2016 I aced the 125yd. 11th hole at...

Thirty Year Ace

I have been a member at Paragon for over 30 years an finally got my Ace a couple of years ago. it was on the hardest par 3 there is at paragon and i couldn't believe my...

Make a bad round great...

Oct 4/16 I was playing lousy that day. No rhythm in my swing. My playing partner suggested i slow down my swing. On the 140 yard 12th hole at Oakdale (the 3rd of the 2nd...

Deja Vu

On September 24, 2015 a friend and I entered our provincial senior men's better ball championship that was played at the Brampton G&CC. The 3rd hole was playing 145...

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