There are always a number of shots players hit that they will never forget, but none more so than the hole in one. The feeling you get when writing a 1 on the scorecard is super special, and one that last's with golfers a lifetime. For me, I have been fortunate enough to land one tee shot in on a par 3, and one that I can recall very clearly.

It was 2009, and I was out on the golf course with 4 junior golfers teaching. We had reached the third hole, only about 120 yards from the back tees. I was playing in a little match against the juniors, and had almost made a 1 on the previous hole. The tee shot on 2 hit the stick, and the kids were so excited! They were asking if I had ever made a hole in one, and I told them not yet!

Anyway, on the third hole the pin was in the middle, and there was a little backstop behind, allowing balls to come back a bit towards the stick. As soon as I hit the shot, I knew it looked good, but it is really hard to tell as you could not see the bottom of the cup. I told the kids that this might be in, and they were so anxious to see they all ran up to the hole.

As we got up there, the ball was nowhere in sight, and when we checked the cup, there it was!! All the kids were so pumped, and I was too! It was my first ever ace, and a moment I know myself and those kids will not soon forget! Oh, and it was done with a Vokey wedge and a Pro V1x golf ball too!!