Video: Titleist Golf Club R&D Answers Your 712 Series Irons Questions (Part 1)

Posted: 21 February 2012

Titleist Introduces New 712 MB and CB Irons

29 September 2011

First Look: Under the Hood of the New Titleist AP Irons

31 August 2011

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Ronan C

As a 4 hdp playing MB blades and only that type of club for thirty years...Which i absolutely love!!! How much benefit would i get going to an AP2 type club. I dont want to fix it if it's not broken...yet i'm very curious.

Bill H

How can I find a new screw/pin for my 910 d2 shaft. I was changing it on course n dropped it off the cart while in the process.

Mark M


where do you produce the ap2-, CB- and MB-heads? In the U.S. or somewere else?