Video: Why Scott Stallings Carries Four Vokey Wedges

Posted: 14 September 2011

Team Titleist members often ask: How many Vokey wedges should I play?

One of the keys to shooting lower scores is maintaining distance control on scoring shots into the green. Most players could benefit from carrying an extra wedge in their bag to reduce the yardage gaps between their wedges, making distance control easier and increasing the odds of hitting it closer to the hole.

Several PGA Tour pros carry four Vokey wedges, like Titleist Brand Ambassador Scott Stallings, who games Vokey Design Spin Milled 46•08º (bent to 48º), 252•12º, 256•14º and 60•10º wedges.

Scott, a PGA Tour rookie who won earlier this summer at the Greenbrier Classic, put a fourth Vokey wedge in his bag late last year after the PGA Tour's Qualifying Tournament.

Team Titleist recently caught up with Scott to talk about his four-wedge setup and how it's improved his game.

Check it out in the above video.

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The Golf Father

Fantastic. I believe. I feel the way he does. My wedges arent like his though. lol :-(

Titleist Staff Member

Paul B

I'm in the process of evaluating my setup. However, my 710CB Pw matches really well with my C.C. 200 series SM 54.14 and 60.08. Looking to put together the generic 52, 56, 60 next season. Any thoughts? I seem to need a front pin 120yds. Shot a lot this season.

Stankinator Rex

My 58-04 is indispensable for chipping and pitching when my short game feel is 'on.'

When I've got the 54 degree wedge in the bag I often wish I had the 56, especially when in greenside bunkers.

The 54 and 58 are a good combination otherwise and I often pair the 56 with a 52 that I found (yes, found in some scrub brush behind a green where it was clipped in the shaft and grip by a mower's blade but a new grip and shaft and it's like new) last month.

All these wedges are very nice and deliver good looking shots and results.

Dennis T

Vokey Master Milled

Kathy J

Titleist Master

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Larry W





Kim W

PROV 17:22

richard i

Spinning To First Masters

Joe C

Titleist Tite!


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