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This is my 3rd hole in one and what a great feeling to have one. The 6th hole at Broad Run course in Manassas, VA was 181 yards. A semi cloudy day with no wind, I decided to...

Beer Made Me Do It

Finally, with a the hot Arizona sun to my back as I've been chasing it all day. I look down to the last hole of play, the last chance to give my sticks and little white...

# 3 but the most special.

I was golfing with my regular group. I pulled a 7 iron from my bag and hit what felt like the perfect shot. The pin was in a bit of a valley on the green so I didn't...


I have type 1 diabetes and i feel like people make many jokes about diabetes, I'm 13 and people think i have regular type 2 diabetes and make fun of me. When I'm on...

Emergency Golf Holes in One

It was January 2nd 2004, a cool, crisp day, when I got a call from one of my regular golf buddies to join him for an "emergency" round of golf. We headed to the...

25 Years Waiting

Ive been playing golf for nearly 25 years including winning a team State Championship in Ohio in high school. On Sunday, I finally did it! While playing through a high school...

Sully's Ace - 9/23/2016

It was a top ten day in CT, 76F, light breeze, & not a cloud in the sky. Standing on the tee at the 11th hole at Gillette Ridge CC in Bloomfield, the tee to hole distance...

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